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Specialising in unobtrusive filming and editing of conferences, seminars or training sessions, as the following examples show. If you want full event coverage, or edited highlights, interviews and testimonial collection, contact me.


Are you are a professional speaker who needs a showreel?  I provide editing for speakers, which can consist of footage I have filmed or a compilation of footage, photographs voiceover and testimonials which capture the atmosphere and skills that the speaker can offer.

As a speaker, you might want to consider a joining a “speaker day”  where a number of speakers collaborate in creating a showreel. This allows them to share filming and venue costs, with no, or a small audience. Please contact me to find out more.


If you want more details of any of the speakers on this page, or any of the other speakers I've filmed, click here.


The standard equipment setup for a day consists of 2 cameras (1 operator) and radio lapel mics (or working with venue sound). However I can also manage a more complex operation, supplying a larger team of operators, or equipment such as extra lights, to suit the location and your needs.


Highlights of the PSA national 3 day conference, I also film regional events around London.

Derek Arden

Derek Arden trains audiences around the world on negotiating for success.

Paprika Breakfast Seminar

The Paprika PR agency regularly provide seminars/networking/training sessions.

The 80:20 conference

The Spring 80:20 conference. The brief was to capture the essence of the conference and testimonials.

Annabel Kaye

Annabel is a specialist on the gig economy, she wanted a showreel combining the serious and humourous side of her speaking.

Jan Bowen-Nielsen

Jan Bowen-Nielsen speaks at events around the world and wanted a showreel combining different presentations.

I cannot thank Adrian enough for putting together great footage of my presentation delivered in London a few weeks ago. The quality of film and use of 2 cameras really captured the atmosphere and energy in the room. I very much look forward to working with Adrian again – a must have if you enjoy presenting.

Sarah Hopwood

International Speaker + TV producer & presenter

Ade has been our chosen videographer for the Professional Speaking Association South East region since 2015. He has filmed me on stage many times, quietly gets on with capturing the action, and is a pleasure to deal with.

Jackie Barrie

Copywriter, trainer, speaker & author

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Ade has filmed me three times delivering short workshops and testimonials at the Professional Speaking Association.  His strength is his unobtrusiveness — he quietly works around you, so you’re barely aware it’s happening at all.  He knows his cutaways from his close ups, and what the technical requirements might be to turn his material into a decent video that might help you in your own business.


John Young